History of the Modern DJ Part 1

The now disgraced Jimmy Saville is often accredited with ‘inventing’ DJ’ing and setting it on course for how we perceive modern DJ’s, apparently pioneering the use of two turntables, allowing the music to be played continuously.  However there does not seem to be any photographic evidence of this whatsoever.  More likely however is that a gentlemen named Ron Diggins, based in LIncolnshire in the fifties could have been the first ‘proper’ DJ.

Certainly there is photographic evidence of his equipment, which includes the beautiful, wonderful and innovative ‘Digolla’, potentially the world’s first DJ console, including two record decks, self designed and made by him in 1957.

Greg Wilson, in his ‘Being a DJ’ blog discusses in more detail the likely possibility that the DJ history books and media that make the claim that JImmy Saville was the world’s first DJ are in fact, not correct.  You can read Greg’s fascinating article here.

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